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3D Calculus graphs

As a calculus student I was fascinated by the shapes of 3d functions. After a short while I decided to give shape to the functions I learned about and the result was 3D Graph!

click and drag -->

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3D Graph
3D Graph 2.12

( You need to enable Java 1.6 or higher to see this applet. click here to go to java.sun.com java download center and get the highest version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) )
Click the java applet and drag to rotate around the axis
You can use the following functions:
+, -, *, /, sin(), cos(), ^, pi
example functions:

The first version was written in Boarland C and works well on Dos 6.2.2 as well as on Windows 95 (It was back in 1997) but a short while ago, as I was going over some old folders on my computer I saw 3D Graph and thought it would be nice to share this small application.

Well, you may find the old version working with 95 compatible systems but I released a newer version of the application so now you can use an easy to use windows version of 3D Graph

Today you can even try it without downloading by using the 3D Graph java applet in this page. Please try it and let me know what you think. I'd appreciate feedback, bug reports and enhancement suggestions to webmaster@3dpictor.com

Download 3D Graph

ReleaseProgram NameSystem RequirementsLast update
2.123D GraphWindows XP/ ME/2000, dot net framework 1.12006-02-18
1.0DOS 3D GraphDOS 6.22/Windows 95/981997-06-01

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