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counter.php is a free php script that implements a hit counter
Use it under GNU GPL attached with the software
Distribute this software together with this README.TXT file and with the COPYING.TXT file attached with it


Download php counter code and images today!


1. PHP with GD support
2. Read / write permission to the folder where the script is hosted


counter.php will look for two parameters;
1. counterid - this parameter defines the name of the counter. you can use this paramter to define as many counters as you like for the same site by calling each of them with a different counterid value. Default to 0 if not specified.
2. style - this parameter defines the digit images folder to use. default to 1 if not specified. search the folders within this project for selecting your counter style

Examples for calling the counter image:

When using 3dpictor free php counter code, please link to us with one of the following:

php hit counter

Any feedback on the counter will be appreciated, including, bug reports, thank you, questions, suggestions and new image folders you created and would like to share. Just mail to webmaster@3dpictor.com

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